Get moving

Welcome! I’m Sophie, a yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, & personal trainer in the Bay Area. Here, I share my teaching schedule, connect with you, and share thoughts, tips, & recipes via my blog!

About me

This journey started almost 7 years ago. I found fitness and wellness by accident in college. I was never an athlete, never played sports, I never felt strong in my body. I was not flexible, not mobile, had basically no muscle, no cardiovascular strength or endurance, nothing. I ate like I didn’t care about my body because I honestly didn’t. I was fine with myself but didn’t truly love myself and act like it.

When I found fitness, I felt strong. And I liked it. I put on muscle; I started to look more like myself. I loved the way I felt & looked. I loved the community of my gym and connecting with people. A year in, I found yoga and my life changed completely. Movement became the new norm. My body unfolded – growing stronger, more flexible, I felt more open physically and mentally. I made connections with amazing people. I got on the yogic path, softening hard edges, slowing down, living with deep respect for my body & mind, feeling a connection to the universe as a whole. This is when I truly fell in love with myself. I became a teacher and found my gift for sharing yoga and fitness with others. I started teaching group fitness because I love making working out fun and challenging. Now, teaching feels like coming home.

I’m so glad you’re here & on the journey with me.


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