Flow Yoga Playlist: 60 minutes

Sometimes I feel people enjoy my music taste more than my yoga class! I’m joking, but seriously every single class I teach at least one person asks about a song or the playlist. I figured I would share my current go-to playlist for my bi-weekly Yoga Flow class. It’s an active, power-like class. This playlist is upbeat and fun and follows the format of my average flow class – quiet beginning, warm up, active flowing, cool down and relaxation. If you’re a yoga teacher, I highly recommend making timed playlists to help you remember where the class should be at certain times during your class. I use songs to help me know about when to start speeding up class and then cool it down. Enjoy!

If you like this playlist, check out others on my public Spotify! I also have traditional playlists, 30 min flows, 75 min flows, gentle flows, etc.

  1. Horizon. Garth Stevenson.
  2. Flying. Garth Stevenson.
  3. Om. Hippie Sabotage.
  4. Intruxx. Glass Animals.
  5. JDNT. Glass Animals.
  6. Bloom. ODESZA.
  7. Calling. Ukiyo.
  8. Say My Name. ODESZA.
  9. Sun Models. ODESZA.
  10. White Noise. Ella Vos.
  11. Lights. Gvonni.
  12. Rise (Acoustic). Samantha James.
  13. The Last Stage of Consumption. Lowercase Noises.
  14. Boy 1904. Jónsi & Alex.


Share your favorite songs to flow to!!

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