DIY Weekend Yoga Retreat at Home

Really want to get away from the world and have a spiritual experience? Need a retreat but don’t have the time off or the cash to spare? I feel you. While a trip to the Caribbean eating fresh fruits and doing tons of yoga would be idyllic, you can escape the world and sink into a spiritual place from anywhere! Here are some tips and even a sample schedule for your weekend stay-cation!

  1. Reflect & set intentions before & after. Consider why you’re called to do this retreat. Reflect on what you are looking for and set intentions for yourself before you begin, maybe before you even plan your weekend. Then, after the weekend is through, use a possible newfound sense of clarity to set intentions and reflect on the last few days. Also, before the weekend begins, try your best to let go of expectations of the weekend and prepare to accept any way it unfolds.
  2. Maybe theme your weekend. It may be fun to theme the weekend – based on your intentions. This could be something you feel you need or a topic you want to learn about. Detox, Chakra Healing, Ayurveda, Kundalini, etc. Base your activites, readings, yoga classes, meditations, and meals around this theme and fully immerse yourself.
  3. Clean. Clean the space you’ll be spending time in if it needs it. De-clutter the area. Make sure you have plenty of clean, comfy clothes and fresh sheets – make it a vacation, we want everything fresh & clean!
  4. Go shopping. Make sure you have all that you need in your house/apartment before the weekend begins. It might be a good idea to create a meal plan and menu for yourself. A couple days before, get all the ingredients you need to prepare yourself healthy meals.
  5. Cook your own food. Give yourself scheduled time to thoughtfully prepare each meal you eat on your retreat. There is a special connection that comes with cooking yourself healthy & nourishing meals. Use this weekend retreat to feel a true sense of gratitude for yourself and your preparations.
  6. Find classes & guided meditations in advance. If you’re planning on using guided yoga classes or meditations throughout the weekend, find them in advance so you’re not browsing YouTube or your meditation app throughout your weekend. If you prefer to move intuitively, still make small & vague class plans for yourself in case a lack of inspiration exists at the time.
  7. Disconnect. Do what you can to disconnect – this might mean turning off your phone and unplugging the TV but be careful not to set strict rules for yourself. Just let it feel like a vacation – treat yourself to what you enjoy but look for a small disconnect from your day-to-day life.
  8. Make plans if you want them. Your weekend doesn’t have to be closed off from your social life – if having dinner with a dear friend will add to the experience, do that!! Just have the plans in advance so you’re not trying to make it up as you go and things possibly not working out, etc.
  9. Make a schedule. Organized yoga retreats have a schedule so that the day is broken up and there is no time of the day when you wonder what to do with yourself. It is also helpful when planning activities. Overestimate timing so you can move slowly and thoughtfully through your day. Make a schedule for yourself but don’t hold it as law – move slowly.
  10. Do what you love. Like I said above, there are no rules or restrictions, whatever will add to your experience is what you should do! Bring movies, blare the music and dance, invite loved ones, or make it a silent retreat of introspection, whatever makes you feel at home in yourself.
  11. Embrace doing nothing. Leave yourself some empty time or time gaps to just be. Take things slow and do nothing without feeling shamefully unproductive. See the below schedule, I’ve allotted half an hour to a cup of tea. Nothing else. Just the tea.

Sample Schedule:


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