What’s in my Yoga/Gym Bag

Hello yogis! I’m back after a little blog break of vacationing and starting school. I’m sharing what’s in my yoga/gym bag that I bring with me to teach, to attend a class myself, or to work out at the gym.

  • Yoga Mat. Obviously! I love my Jade mat, it’s crazy durable & the perfect amount of stick. It takes a little time to break in but so worth it!
  • Eye pillow. I use my eye pillow for savasana or a restorative practice. Be on the lookout for a DIY eye pillow tutorial coming soon!
  • Strap. I often carry my yoga strap with me. For info on how I use it, read my post all about yoga props!
  • Resistance Bands. I love these for workouts or stretching.
  • Bluetooth earbuds. Love these for the gym – Bluetooth earbuds will change your life! Highly recommend if you can’t seem to stay in one place at the gym like me.
  • Phone charger. I keep a spare phone charger in my bag so I know my phone is charged for playing music during my yoga class or listening during my workout!
  • Notebook. My notebook contains plans for yoga classes I teach as well as thoughts I want to share with my class. I recommend carrying a notebook to yoga class in case you hear a cue, quote, or thought you’ll want to remember. Plus, you never know when you’ll have an amazing, life-changing savasana epiphany you’ll need to write down!
  • Book(s). I’ll sometimes carry a book or two to find inspiration for yoga classes or sharing a reading with my students. I especially love readings from Dana Faulds and Thich Nacht Hanh.
  • Essential Oils. I take these along with me for aromatherapy in my yoga classes or just for a pick me up! Currently, I teach yoga after a full day at work so some peppermint oil is the perfect re-energizer!
  • Hand-sanitizer. I offer hands on assists & adjustments during my yoga classes so hand-sanitizer is a must to keep everyone healthy! I like the spray hand-sanitizers from Mrs. Meyers (especially the lavender one) because they don’t dry out my skin or leave that awful alcohol smell – so not relaxing.

What’s in your bag?? 🙂

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