Personal + Small Group Training

I offer personal training to clients one-on-one or to small groups with similar goals. I know there are a lot of great trainers in the Bay Area but I am unique. With my yoga background as well as fitness, I focus on mobility and stability as well as strength. Unlike Instagram might tell us, I know it’s not all about aesthetics. We want to feel good, happy, and pain-free. We want to feel ready for the days ahead of us and strong enough to tackle any challenge. Together, we will work to build your happiest, healthiest version of yourself. Whether you are brand new to fitness and want to learn the basics or a pro looking to spice things up and be held accountable, I can work with you and deliver what you need. Contact me to get started.

NOW OFFERING: Virtual training sessions AND Socially distant outdoor training. Reach out to hear about pricing!

Say goodbye to the chore of working out.

I know you will love your sessions because they will be tailored specifically for YOU! I am a huge believer in finding what you enjoy in terms of fitness. The only way to stay consistent is to fall in love with the process. Together, we’ll find a way of being active that you actually like. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, it’s not. You’ll push yourself past your limits and make changes where you want to see them. At the end of the session, I’m confident you’ll feel proud of yourself and happier than when we started.

Is this you?

Do you want to get into fitness but aren’t sure how? You want to learn the basic movements and build confidence in the gym environment? You want a set of go-to workouts that you feel strong completing and building upon with time? I can teach you how to perform compound exercises safely and craft workout plans that make sense for your body and goals.

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you been trying for years? Are you tired of the countless hours on the treadmill and having to drag yourself to the gym for hours? Are you ready for real, sustainable weight-loss that stays off? I can show you new ways to actually enjoy the gym, meet your weight goals, and change your body and mindset for life.

Are you a fitness lover and looking for a new challenge? Have you plateaued? Do you feel stagnant in your workouts and have a lack of motivation? Want a bad-ass accountability partner that will push your limits and put your strength to the test? You want to mix up your routine with new types of workouts and complimentary work to what you love? I am here for you! Together, we will explore workouts that shock your body and challenge you. You’ll be moving faster, lifting heavier, building endurance, and more to have a complete, well-balanced routine.

Do you struggle with a lack of mobility? Lower back pain? Neck & shoulder tension? Tight hips? Do you feel limited in movement? Do you feel pain during everyday movements? Is this inhibiting your life? You want to feel stronger and more capable? Are you tired of modifying group classes to the point you feel you’re not even working out? That’s it. You need something built for you, training that will meet you where you are. Sit down and stand up easier. Carry the groceries home by yourself. Stand in line without wondering when your back will start hurting. Pick up your children and grandchildren with confidence. I will work with you to relieve chronic pain, build strength and stabilize your joints, strengthen your spine, correct your posture, strengthen your core, practice your balance, and all around build a stronger more stable body that is pain-free and ready for living!

If one or more of these sound like you, it’s time to make those changes. Contact me and let’s get started together.

“Sophie is an amazing trainer! I have been to several trainers in the city in the past, but I have been working with Sophie for several months and I FINALLY feel like I’m making progress. She creates custom plans for me and I actually like my workouts! She is always on time, cheerful, motivating and fun. I highly recommend her!”  – Sarah L via Thumbtack



3 session pack …. $300

6 session pack …. $580

10 session pack … $900
best deal!

Small Group

If you and your partner or friend(s) are interested in training together and have similar goals and fitness interests, I have a program for that as well! Groups are between 2-5 persons total. This is a great and economical way to get together, receive expert and personalized training. Every exercise program can be modified for different needs with the same goals in mind.

3 session pack …. $160 per person

6 session pack …. $300 per person

10 session pack …. $460 per person
best deal!

First Session $35

I know you have a lot of options so try me on for size. I am so confident you’ll love training with me, I’m offering your first personal training session along with a consultation for just $35, this is by far the cheapest personal training you will find in the Bay Area. What do you have to lose? Contact me to redeem and schedule your first customized personal training session.