Personal Training

In addition to being a yoga teacher and group fitness instructor, I am also a certified personal trainer. I train clients one-on-one or in groups of 2-5 persons. Training can take place in their home/apartment gym or in a rental space in San Francisco. Hear more about my training, coaching (in person or online) pricing, and testimonials here.

Downloadable Workouts

I share weekly (sometimes bi-monthly 😉 ) workout splits. They are in downloadable PDF format and are completely free of charge.

These are MY weekly workout plans that serve MY personal fitness goals. These are not comprehensive guides, rather a list of exercises for each workout, organized into a weekly split. This is a free resource for my community intended to spark creativity for experienced lifters to change up their routines or newbies looking for exercises. I do not explain how to perform the exercises, show visuals, or discuss form. But all of this is google-able 🙂 Click here to access.