Private Yoga

One-on-one yoga sessions

Looking for personal attention? A session tailored to your body and goals? Treat yourself to the private yoga experience.

Private yoga is infinitely valuable whether you’re an experienced yogi or completely new to the practice! Absolutely no experience required.

NOW OFFERING: Virtual yoga sessions AND Socially distant outdoor sessions. Reach out to hear about pricing!

Begin the journey to a happier, healthier you.

Because of my background in yoga as well as in fitness & personal training, I am passionate about mobility, stability and creating a functional body. I recognize for most of my clients, it’s not about the poses! It’s about feeling happy, healthy and strong in their body. It’s about feeling fit to perform everyday actions without pain or instability. My private sessions will be personalized for you; your activity level, your goals, your body’s asymmetries, strengths, weaknesses. Our goal together is to make you feel strong, mobile, capable, and pain-free in your day-to-day life.

Advance your practice.

Have specific yoga goals in mind but not sure how to reach them? Let me help you! No specific goals in mind but know you want a little more fire in your practice? I can show you new and creative ways to advance your everyday practice, add on to the traditional flows, and shed new light on old poses. Curious about some of the deeper practices within yoga we may miss out on in group classes? Allow me to teach you drishti, the bandhas, pranayama techniques, and more.

Level up your teaching skills.

Are you a yoga teacher? Then you might be the MOST in need of private yoga. You’re just getting started or don’t know where to begin? I can empower you to find your unique voice, teaching style, and niche within this vast space. You’re an experienced yoga teacher but fear you may be burnt out or on that path? I know where you are because I have been where you are. Even just a few private yoga sessions may be what you need to reignite the burning passion for sharing this practice. Re-spark your creativity, discover new sequencing techniques, spiritual connections, and more.

“Amazing yoga teacher, very knowledgeable and inspiring!” – Emma T via Thumbtack

Packages & Pricing:

  • Single private session
    in home … $75
    in studio … $110
  • 4 50 min session pack including 15 min consultation
    in home … $290
    in studio … $430
    (save $10)
  • 8 50 min session pack including 15 min consultation
    in home … $575
    in studio … $855
    (save $25)


I am so confident you will get something priceless from your 50 min of one-on-one yoga with me, your first session (and phone consultation) is free. Contact me and fill out this questionnaire to receive this offer.

Private sessions are all about you, your preferences, and your schedule. If you purchase a package, you can distribute your sessions however it works for you!* To get the most out of your sessions, I recommend a weekly or twice/week schedule.

Session packages include a free consultation, where we will discuss your goals and intention. This can be done in person over coffee/tea, before your first session, on the phone, or FaceTime.

If you’re interested in receiving private sessions, please answer this short questionnaire so I can better know about your experience with yoga and personal goals!

Prices vary based on your location – we can practice in your home, a public space or in a studio with equipment (mats, blocks, straps, bolsters) for a slightly higher rate (currently not available). Contact to hear specifics.


*sessions expire 3 months after purchase unless discussed otherwise