Yoga Playlists

By popular demand, I am now linking playlists I use in my yoga classes as well as in my own practice. I spend a lot of time curating music for my classes and think music plays a huge role in class.

This is a great resource for teachers, students, or if you’re just looking for some new tunes. Playlists are 45-75 minutes long and structured like a yoga class – seated meditation & pranayama, warm-up, peak heat and speed, cool down, savasana.

Links are via Spotify, explore my other playlists as well 🙂

  • electro-yoga – 1hr 5min designed for a 60min active flow
  • fun & active yoga – 1hr 8min designed for a 60min power yoga class
  • Strong & Free – 1hr 19min designed for a 75min active yoga class
  • evening chill yoga – 1hr 5min designed for 60min gentle/slow flow/restorative practice to instrumental beats
  • new flow feelz – 1hr designed for 60min power yoga
  • fluidity – 43min designed for personal practice focused on fluid movement
  • summer flow – 1hr designed for 60min power yoga
  • yin yang fusion – 58min designed for 30min of vinyasa yoga, 30min of yin yoga
  • traditional flow – 1hr 6min designed for 60min yoga of any style to instrumental, Indian inspired music with some chanting
  • restorative yoga – 32min designed for restorative/yin/slow flow to instrumental classical
  • friyay yoga flow – 1hr designed for 60min flow class to upbeat music
  • people + yoga + soul music – 51min flow to some soul & blues classics
  • mod hip fresh flow – 58min flow to new-er music including some hip hop
  • warming – 59min designed for 55min power yoga, new age music
  • softening – 1hr 5min designed for 55min power yoga to acoustic & new age music including chanting
  • surrendering – 1hr designed for 55min power yoga to mostly instrumental upbeat music
  • transitioning – 1hr designed for 55min power yoga to modern and groovy music